Who is jesus christ to me essay

Can all the goyim please leave the room? Yes, that means you. Put down that ham sandwich and step away from the computer. We'll let you know when it's safe to return. Are they all gone? Good. So what can be said about Jesus Christ that hasn't been said before? And how can we say it without offending a large portion of the population? (For we're sure, even though we asked them to step away, a small percentage of our small percentage of non-Jewish readers is not listening to our pleas and is still reading this profile.) Let's see. Jesus Christ. The Original Goy. Hmmmm. It's pretty difficult. Maybe we should just write this profile straightforwardly, and do an analysis of Jesus' Jewish and non-Jewish aspects, his life and his death (Nothing after that death. Just checking if you're reading, goyim.), and the consequences of his existence on the Jewish people (not good, to say the least). Y'know, if he even existed in the first place. (Seriously, goyim. Why are you reading this?) But that's been done before. By smarter men than us. Time and time again. So what are we to do? Jesus Christ. The Original Goy. Seriously, what more needs to be said? It's safe to come back to your computer now. That ham sandwich is getting stale. Verdict: Sadly, a Jew . October 17, 2006

6 minutes with YHVH     ( Audio only for now. )
~  Who is ISRAEL? ~ Zephaniah 3:13, John 1:47
~   Did Israeli planes destroy the . Liberty and it’s crew?   – Dead In The Water
~   Who’s behind Communism? – NWO: Communism By The Back Door.
~   Hitler!  IS ALL we’ve been told TRUE? – The Greatest Story Never Told
~   The truth about modern Israel? – The General’s Son
~   Holocaust or Holohoax? – Broadcast on German TV

Who is jesus christ to me essay

who is jesus christ to me essay


who is jesus christ to me essaywho is jesus christ to me essaywho is jesus christ to me essaywho is jesus christ to me essay