Thesis on suicide

Everybody gets on me because I am constantly saying that EVERYTHING, EVERY PROBLEM, EVERY LIFE ISSUE is solved by identity.
They say I go to the extreme.
But I am extremely LOVED! He calls me His Precious Treasure! This is my true identity.
It was hard to accept at first, but when I did, my entire life upended.
My marrige is awesome because of it. Imagine, me having a happy and fulfilling marrige! Who would have ever guessed? For 11 years I fought trying to do it myself. I could not. But now I actually have it. I have the type of marrige that books are written about. And not the counseling ones! I love my wife because I know who I am.
No longer do I have to “be” rich, or “be” successful. By faith I am complete in Him. So whether I make money or not, it does not matter. I am no longer defined by this.
Some people look at me as I preach this message constantly that I act too “spiritual”. But what they are really saying is that they exist more on a worldly level.
I am seated with Christ in heaven right now. This is “more” true than anything my eyes see.
If you believe in Christ, you are too. Really.. If you are in Christ, YOU are a new, AND PERFECT creation!
So why are you so down?

There are at least two problems with this interpretation. First, Durkheim took most of his data from earlier researchers, notably Adolph Wagner and Henry Morselli , [17] who were much more careful in generalizing from their own data. Second, later researchers found that the Protestant-Catholic differences in suicide seemed to be limited to German-speaking Europe and thus may always have been the spurious reflection of other factors. [18] Despite its limitations, Durkheim's work on suicide has influenced proponents of control theory , and is often mentioned [ by whom? ] as a classic sociological study.

Thesis on suicide

thesis on suicide


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