The milk of sorrow essay

[202] And now I will tell a fable for princes who themselves understand. Thus said the hawk to the nightingale with speckled neck, while he carried her high up among the clouds, gripped fast in his talons, and she, pierced by his crooked talons, cried pitifully. To her he spoke disdainfully: `Miserable thing, why do you cry out? One far stronger than you now holds you fast, and you must go wherever I take you, songstress as you are. And if I please I will make my meal of you, or let you go. He is a fool who tries to withstand the stronger, for he does not get the mastery and suffers pain besides his shame.' So said the swiftly flying hawk, the long-winged bird.

If you mean the anti-gentrification campaigns in London, this is exactly the point. Native Londoners generally don’t feel like they sit on a pot of gold because they own a house. On the contrary, they feel like they are being priced out of their own city. I guess the difference is that the city was not built up in the last 20 or 30 years, allowing lots of locals to get lucky by buying a house when it was worth next to nothing. Also, the Chinese government gave away its stock of state housing to the people (those lucky enough to live in an urban area and live in a state-owned apartment) at the end of the nineties for much less than its real value.

The milk of sorrow essay

the milk of sorrow essay


the milk of sorrow essaythe milk of sorrow essaythe milk of sorrow essaythe milk of sorrow essay