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Over the years, the Republic Polytechnic (RP) Sports club has successfully cultivated sports as part of the Republicans' lifestyle. Since its establishment in year 2003, the club has been actively organizing sports events aimed to encourage a higher level of engagement and interaction among the students and staff, non-sportsmen and sportsmen alike. Events such as Interclass Sports Meet (Captain's Ball, Bowling, and Basketball), Foosball Tournament, Night Cycling trip, annual Sports Camp have received overwhelming participation from the students. In addition to these intra polytechnic activities, the Sports Club has made commendable efforts to reach out to communities outside of RP via events like the Poly Friendship Games and the MINDS Sports Carnival. As of January 2015, there are 27 different sports under the flag of Sports Club.

Our BodyWatch Gym also boasts two dance studios, a fitness studio and a fitness assessment room, to cater to a variety of fitness, dance, and exercise trends. Besides serving the fitness and exercise needs of NYP staff, students and sports teams, BodyWatch Gym also functions as one of SBM's Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) stations for students from the Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management. Students undergoing their 14-week TEP attachment at the Gym will be taught to manage and operate the Gym, and learn the ropes of sports marketing and promotion. They will also assess the health and fitness needs of their clients, and design training and exercise routines for them.

As a whole, TISA serves as the student union for all international students at Tokyo Tech. While students from certain countries such as Indonesia and Thailand have their own support groups, TISA integrates the interests of all those groups and of students who are not represented by country-specific associations. Furthermore, TISA incorporates into their activities Japanese students who are interested in interacting with and supporting international students. Over the last nine years, over 300 international and Japanese students have served as staff members and volunteers at the association.

Sepak takraw research paper

sepak takraw research paper


sepak takraw research papersepak takraw research papersepak takraw research papersepak takraw research paper