Save money or spend money essay

And re #37: don’t just think of next year’s holiday. Think of what colors can be used for this year’s holidays, too! Pink wrappers, which show up a lot on Valentine’s candy, go perfectly for Easter. Red from Christmas can be used for Valentine’s and Fourth of July. “Non-holiday specific” gift wrap can be used as gift wrap through the year. Don’t forget green and gold from Christmas for St. Patrick’s Day. One year, I used some clearance (75% off) red and white ribbon, some candy canes glued together to make a heart and a big straw wreath form I already had, and made a Valentine’s Day wreath for pennies.

79. Don’t enroll in your bank’s overdraft protection program. At first blush, it might seem like a good idea; overdraft protection means that if you go to make a purchase with your debit card, and you don’t have enough money in your account to complete the transaction, the bank will “loan” you the money…and charge you a $25-$35 fee for their generosity. But that’s a big price to pay to avoid the embarrassment or inconvenience of having your card declined. And these fees can add up fast, because here’s what many consumers don’t know: most banks will purposefully process your largest transactions first , and then your smaller transactions after that. So let’s say you have $285 in your checking account and you buy a coffee for $ in the morning, a sandwich for $5 at noon, and then some college textbooks in the afternoon for $300. The banks will process the $300 transaction first , thus depleting your account, and then charge you another $35 fee for the coffee and for the sandwich, and bill you for $105 in overdraft fees. Banks used to automatically enroll their customers in overdraft protection programs, but a court ruling last year made that illegal. But it was a big money maker for banks, so they still aggressively try to get you to sign up. Every time I check my bank account online, I get a pop up that asks if I’m sure I don’t want to enroll in their overdraft protection program. You just have to say no and keep saying no.

Looking for a new hobby.
I read, write, we are gym rats, we have movie nights, collect movies as well, picked up target shooting 3 yrs ago, gun collectors, we hike in mountains all the time except when its snow and ice, I used to do martial arts, did palates, boxing, had my own business, own 3 sports cars, go to car shows, do some flea markets, music is huge in our lives, we spend lots of time with our 6 parrots n rottweiler, we hang out on a deck Summer nights eating dinner and drinks with friends, we do cruise in our cars, used to travel a bit and play all kinds of games but trying to find a different hobby to get into is very trying cause we do so much now but theres times ya want to experience something else to do.
One thing I cant wait til Renaissance Fair starts, absolutely love it. Guess I need hobby between near end of winter n before the fair begins cause I needs to fill unclaimed time lol
Though about an rc helicopter or rc vehicles to play with.
We do alot of hobbies already but man I really woukd love to find more
I used to draw very well in school even in my 20s. Hmmmmm maybe I should fiddle with that till I figure something out. Love being overloaded cause life is way to short to be bored lol

Save money or spend money essay

save money or spend money essay


save money or spend money essaysave money or spend money essaysave money or spend money essaysave money or spend money essay