Sample thesis on employee motivation

The key to a successful organization in many ways is motivation. It is one of the most difficult tasks that a manager faces because everyone is different. The methods that are used to motivate employees must be tailored to fit each one. Every organization should have motivation plans in placed to show how they value employees. Some of the most effective ways for managers to motivate staff include giving praises, recognition and positive feedback. Motivation is the responsibility of all supervisors. The purpose of this dissertation is to propose a motivation plan that can be used to implement in any organization to build commitment to the companies goals from employees. Continue reading →

Nelson and Bowen (2000) suggest that this tool should be the consideration of employee uniforms. Uniforms do not only identify members of the organisation so that customers can distinguish guests from service representatives, but they also build identity in employees based on aesthetics or how they feel they are being viewed by others in their uniforms. Many hotel brands have strict uniform policies and mandate that their employees have neat, organised appearance. If employees are unhappy with their uniforms, they can have emotional effects which might be resistance to change, poor client interactions, higher turnover rates, or any number of business issues related to service delivery.

Sample thesis on employee motivation

sample thesis on employee motivation


sample thesis on employee motivationsample thesis on employee motivationsample thesis on employee motivationsample thesis on employee motivation