Sample of comparative analysis thesis

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About the Journal
Comparative Sociology is an international scholarly journal, published in six issues per year, dedicated to advancing comparative sociological analyses of societies and cultures, institutions and organizations, groups and collectivities, networks and interactions. All submissions for articles are peer-reviewed double-blind. The journal publishes book reviews and theoretical presentations, conceptual analyses and empirical findings at all levels of comparative sociological analysis, from global and cultural to ethnographic and interactionist. Submissions are welcome not only from sociologists but also political scientists, legal scholars, economists, anthropologists and others. Indeed, the journal is particularly keen to receive works of comparative political sociology, comparative legal sociology, comparative economic sociology and comparative cultural sociology.

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Dr. M. Parvizi Amineh
. Box 9500
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

For book review queries, please contact the book review editors Mehdi P. Amineh and/or Melanie van Driel

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Sample of comparative analysis thesis

sample of comparative analysis thesis


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