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Trying to keep track of my father and his troop as they move through this momentous sequence of events is like trying to keep one’s eyes on a single small fish in a vast migrating shoal of pilchards. Now you see it, now you don’t, and you never will again. Other people were watching him far more closely than I possibly can, and they noticed that he was cool under fire, shouldered responsibility when responsibility was thrust on him, spoke like a gentleman, and could play a decent hand at bridge. He was earmarked for early promotion. More

Author-illustrator Marcelino Truong has penned a follow-up to his critically acclaimed graphic memoir, Such a Lovely Little War . Picking up in 1963, Truong again blends personal narrative with an incredibly well-researched account of the Vietnamese history of the Vietnam War that is little-known inside the . While the first book focused on Truong's early years in Saigon, Saigon Calling finds his Vietnamese diplomat father, French mother and his siblings on the move to Swinging London in order to escape the escalating conflict in Vietnam. This poignant, honest account chonricles Truong's early teen years, his search for belonging and understanding, his experience caught between very different cultures and their disparate views on the war.

Review on a book

review on a book


review on a bookreview on a bookreview on a bookreview on a book