Restaurant strategies to attract customers thesis

Using data from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and box office totals, the finance website visualized the top 30 film franchises to see how the installments of each one stack up. The project yielded some surprising results, like that in longest franchises, the eighth title tends to make the most money on opening weekend. Harry Potter , Star Trek , and Star Wars all follow this trend. But according to the numbers, the same can’t be said for quality. The ratings of blockbuster franchises, both viewer-generated (IMDb) and critic-generated (Rotten Tomatoes), are lowest for the most recent installments. Mission Impossible is one exception, with the third and fourth films earning the most critical praise.

Great article and list. I don't like that you didn't recommend a mobile web app with the menu and online ordering, though you did recommend the providers of some who charge substantive percentages of a sale (15%) for online.
Also, suggesting that all web assets include a "share" button that allows a customer to refer them to the user's networks (Facebook/Twitter). This asset, when employed properly by the restaurant can bring tens - even hundreds - of thousands of free, third party referrals, especially if they're incented with an offer to do so.
Other than the list!

The fact that restaurant marketing is not easy is part its competitive advantage
Effective restaurant marketing isn’t easy. It takes a lot of careful research, analysis and testing. It’s also ever evolving, which makes it even more difficult to master. The most difficult part is that restaurant owners are in the restaurant business, not professional marketers. But don’t be discouraged. It’s not all gloom. The fact that effective restaurant marketing is difficult to master is what can give you the competitive advantage. Resist the temptation to change everything at once or to go it all alone. You can start small and build your marketing competencies over time. In the beginning, do simple programs so you can execute them well and measure the results. And if you’re not sure if your current marketing is working, save your money until you can prove the dollars invested persuade customers to buy more and buy more often.

Restaurant strategies to attract customers thesis

restaurant strategies to attract customers thesis


restaurant strategies to attract customers thesisrestaurant strategies to attract customers thesisrestaurant strategies to attract customers thesisrestaurant strategies to attract customers thesis