Respect in a marriage essay

I have, however, been asked to share how they can communicate to their wives that they love them, so I have a book “365 Ways to Love Your Wife,” and a list of 101 Ways to Love Your Wife on a page here on the blog. If a husband doesn’t respect his wife, chances are one or more things are going on: 1) he’s not a respectful person in general, or 2) she is disrespecting herself, or 3) their relationship is in serious trouble. Men and women both value respect, however, men will choose respect over love in marriage relationships and women will choose love as more important – and I’m guessing that would apply in cases where the woman felt respected. Research demonstrates that these are relatively common experiences in marriage. I think we can also safely assume that just because a woman wants love doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be respected, and the same would go for men wanting respect, but would prefer to also feel loved, if that makes sense.

The reason so many women use insult as a tool to try to motivate men is that insults generally work on women.  If you insult or embarrass a woman, she tries to do something about it; she tries to change.  But this thinking does not work on a man.  The insult of insults for a man occurs when he tries to make love to his bride and she rejects him and pushes him aside as she would set aside a pile of dirty laundry.  Insulting a man will only end up robbing you of his heart, and you will not see the changes you want in the relationship.

Respect in a marriage essay

respect in a marriage essay


respect in a marriage essayrespect in a marriage essayrespect in a marriage essayrespect in a marriage essay