Research paper tenebrio

Chopped black soldier fly larvae grown on hen manure fed to blue tilapia alone or in combination with commercial diets resulted in a similar performance (body weight and total length) as the control diets. Aroma and texture of tilapia fed larvae were acceptable to the consumer ( Bondari et al., 1981 ). In a later experiment, feeding 100% dry larvae did not provide sufficient dry matter or protein intake for tilapia grown in tanks to allow a sufficient growth. Chopping of the larvae improved weight gain and efficiency of utilization ( Bondari et al., 1987 ).

Fresh and dried mealworms have been found an acceptable alternative protein source for the African catfish Clarias gariepinus . Replacing 40% of fish meal with mealworm meal (dried and ground) resulted in growth performance and feed utilization efficiency similar to that obtained with the control diet. Catfish fed diets with up to 80% replacement of fish meal with mealworm meal also displayed good growth and feed utilization efficiency. Catfish fed solely on live mealworms showed a slight depression in growth performance but fish fed live mealworms in combination with commercial catfish pellets grew as well or better than fish fed the commercial diet. Live and dried mealworms were found to be highly palatable. Catfish fed mealworm-based diets tended to have significantly higher lipid content in their carcass ( Ng et al., 2001 ).

Research paper tenebrio

research paper tenebrio


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