Pros and cons about homework

Gasfrac, a Canadian company has developed a process to frac using propane instead of water.  No biocides or deisel fuel is added to the propane– only a gelling agent and a breaker that assists in returning the propane gel to a gas after the pumping proceedure is complete.  Nearly all the “frac fluid” is recovered to be reused or sent along with the hydrocarbons produced in the well.  Truck traffic is a fraction of that compared to water since the volume of material used is so much smaller.  No waste water to treat or dispose in injection wells.  Has been used over 1000 sites in Canada and US and is proposed for use in Tioga county New York.  LPG fraccing can also yeild more oil or gas production that water as water interferes with pumping operations.  No or very little flarring of initial production to clean up the well after fraccing.  It is more expensive that water in the short term.  An example of solutions that can be employed.

Regarding the look of turbines “the problem can be mitigated if you build outside urban areas”. This shows a shocking lack of understanding of how turbines can effect harmfully certain rural landscapes. In fact, one might say that by nature they are more suited to already industrialized ‘edge of city’ landscapes. Well intentioned promoters of the technology really need to stop digging their head in the sand when it comes to this issue, and more research needs to be done into how to successfully site the machines in places where they will cause less harm to landscape.

Pros and cons about homework

pros and cons about homework


pros and cons about homeworkpros and cons about homeworkpros and cons about homeworkpros and cons about homework