Online practice sat essays

A performance chart presents a concise, yet detailed, picture of a student’s performance in study and test sessions. It highlights the student’s strength and weakness and makes it easy to monitor his/her progress. It helps the student identify the areas where he/she should spend his/her time more wisely and give concentrated effort.

Performance Chart tracks the time spent in studying and also the proficiency demonstrated in tests. The graphical representation of time spent each month is displayed. Another graphical representation of your score/performance for each of the Chapter Test and Subject Test is provided. Use these charts to determine where you need to spend your time as you progress.

A pie chart portrays a holistic view of the student’s attendance in all the modules. At one glance, it shows you how much time you have spent on each module. Depending upon your performance in different subjects/chapters, you can decide to spend more time on some modules and less time on some other module.

Online practice sat essays

online practice sat essays


online practice sat essaysonline practice sat essaysonline practice sat essaysonline practice sat essays