Internet addiction research paper

If you scored 4 yes answers, you may or may not have a tendency to become addicted to the 'Net. If you scored 5 or 6 yes answers, you may have a greater chance of developing a problem. Please feel free to review one or both of the following special reports:

  1. What To Do If You Are (Or Fear That You May Become) Addicted To The 'Net ; or
  2. Common Causes Of Computer Related Stress .
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Internet addiction results in personal, family, academic, financial, and occupational problems that are characteristic of other addictions.  Impairments of real life relationships are disrupted as a result of excessive use of the Internet.  Individuals suffering from Internet addiction spend more time in solitary seclusion, spend less time with real people in their lives, and are often viewed as socially awkward. Arguments may result due to the volume of time spent on-line.  Those suffering from Internet addiction may attempt to conceal the amount of time spent on-line, which results in distrust and the disturbance of quality in once stable relationships.

Internet addiction research paper

internet addiction research paper


internet addiction research paperinternet addiction research paperinternet addiction research paperinternet addiction research paper