Ib theory of knowledge essay criteria

How important are the opinions of experts in the search for knowledge? We cannot precisely answer this question because we cannot measure how important they are but rather can judge where they are important. Based on the information carried on until now, we can approach to the conclusion that in fields like natural science, human science and history require opinions of experts. These fields are easily influenced by sense perception and testimony. When testimony is put on with these fields, it contributes advanced knowledge to us. On the other hand, when looking at the human science, we find that doubting our five senses bring us different conditioning which influences our perceptions and opinions. We see that this is one reason why everyone develops different viewpoints. We also discover that some fields like math and art do not endow knowledge to us using the opinions of experts but the logic and the reason. This is because we believe that not only the opinions but also the emotions can be factors confusing the experts in the process of searching for the knowledge. In addition, we realize that some experts rather refuse to be involved with opinions and emotions. We also linked culture as a part of impact like opinions and emotions. To conclude, experts' opinions should be viewed as guidance but we should not forget that they are expert opinions, namely they have some influence carrying from culture and other sources.

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Ib theory of knowledge essay criteria

ib theory of knowledge essay criteria


ib theory of knowledge essay criteriaib theory of knowledge essay criteriaib theory of knowledge essay criteriaib theory of knowledge essay criteria