How to introduce yourself essay

11. A polite phrase that contains 'nice' and is said to somebody after they have introduced themself and said their name, is
Allow me to introduce myself Pleased to meet you My name's Lisa Rodgers Pleased to meet you too What do you do And yourself I don't think we've been introduced Nice to meet you My name's Keith nice to meet you too Do you work in the sales department           Nice to meet you:
(phrase) 'nice/pleased to meet you' is a formal phrase that is used to be polite during an introduction. When two people are introducing themselves to each other, you would use this phrase after the other person who has started the introduction has told you their name, . 'my name's Simon' 'nice to meet you'. It is normal (but not necessary) to repeat the name of the other person at the end of the phrase and then say what your name is after. For example, 'my name's Simon' 'nice to meet you Simon. my name's Chris'. It is polite when somebody has said 'nice to meet you' to you to respond by saying 'nice to meet you too'.

Although there is no difference in using 'pleased' or 'nice' in this phrase, this phrase sounds politer and more formal with 'pleased'. It is also possible to say this phrase after both people have said their names, . 'my name's Simon' 'my name's Chris' 'nice to meet you' 'nice to meet you too'.

In Spanish: "encantado (de conocerlo) / mucho gusto (en conocerlo)" .

Introducing yourself is much more than saying your name; it’s a way to connect with someone new by exchanging words and often, physical contact. Introducing yourself to strangers can be tricky because what you say depends entirely on the context. You may introduce yourself differently depending on whether you are addressing an audience before you give a speech, meeting someone at a networking event, or just starting a conversation with a new person at a party. What is important is to introduce yourself in a way that is appropriate and makes people like and remember you.

How to introduce yourself essay

how to introduce yourself essay


how to introduce yourself essayhow to introduce yourself essayhow to introduce yourself essayhow to introduce yourself essay