Good topics for a law essay

She states that these deals include taking mental fitness tests and/ or program for officers with discipline problems, forced medical retirements and/ or sign “Last Chance” compromise waiver agreements to accept a lesser discipline and drop any and all discrimination complaints they may have filed with EEOC. “I did nothing wrong, so there was no need for me to sign anything” says Swilley. “Officers who refuse to accept these deals are terminated and removed from their careers in law enforcement followed by erroneous dishonorable discharges based on bogus charges, ending their law enforcement careers.”

So if I, a middle-aged, middle-class white woman, now drive through Providence, I can be confident that the police will not be able to make up reasons to stop me just because they hope I might be a criminal. If that law applied in Texas I wouldn’t have been stopped by a trooper for the obviously suspicious act of having Colorado tags on my rental car. He didn’t give me a reason for pulling me over because he didn’t have one, or at least not one he was willing to articulate, but he was obviously hoping that with those tags I was a big drug bust waiting to happen. It is an absolute outrage that in America the police are allowed to pull law-abiding people over on a whim and demand their papers without evidence of wrongdoing.

Good topics for a law essay

good topics for a law essay


good topics for a law essaygood topics for a law essaygood topics for a law essaygood topics for a law essay