Gmat optional essay

More liberal interpreters of the US Constitution have a much more expansive view of the Ninth Amendment. In their view, the Ninth Amendment guarantees to American citizens a vast universe of potential rights, some of which we have enjoyed for two centuries, and others that the Founding Fathers could not possibly have conceived. These scholars point out that some rights, such as voting rights of women or minorities, were not necessarily viewed as rights by the majority of citizens in late eighteenth century America, but are taken as fundamental and unquestionable in modern America. While those rights cited are protected specifically by other amendments and laws, the argument asserts that other unlisted right also could evolve from unthinkable to perfectly acceptable, and the Ninth Amendment would protect these as-yet-undefined rights.
5. Constitutional scholars of both the traditionalist and liberal views would agree that “Ninth Amendment rights”
A. accommodate shifts in cultural values with respect to issues affecting human rights
B. cannot serve as the basis of legal decisions
C. are directly reflected in our understanding of who can and can’t vote
D. are not stated explicitly in the Bill of Rights
E. extend the idea of Natural Rights Theory

Generally speaking, taking the SAT Essay if it's not required won't add a lot to your application —colleges who don't recommend or require the essay really don't pay attention to it. However,  it might be helpful for international students who want to show they have strong English skills if they think they'll do especially well on it. If you fall into this category, then you should consider taking it if,  after doing practice essays , you feel very confident that you'll get a high score. If you don't think you'll do well on it, then I'd recommend against taking it.


You are referring to their conventional CAT based programs, right? Short answer is – they do, for international candidates.

For instance, IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) accepts GMAT scores from Indian candidates for their PGP, PGP-PMP and FPM programs.

IIM Bangalore (IIMB) accepts GMAT scores for PGSEM and PGPPM.

IIM Calcutta (IIMC) accepts it only from NRI/ PIO / Foreign national candidates for their PGDM & PGDCM courses.

Of course for their PGPX, EPGP, PGPEX courses, it is exclusively on the basis of GMAT scores.

Gmat optional essay

gmat optional essay


gmat optional essaygmat optional essaygmat optional essaygmat optional essay