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The amount of empirical research is scarce on the theory of servant leadership , especially as the concept may be related to other organizational constructs. Using multilevel employee ratings from the Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) as developed by Laub (1999), this study demonstrated that servant leadership characteristics can be measured in an organization. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) with scores from top leadership , management, faculty, and hourly workers on their perceptions of servant leadership showed that a statistically significant perception gap exists between levels of employees. Post hoc analysis found hourly workers differed the most from faculty. A Pearson correlation test found a statistically significant, positive, and substantial relationship between the perception of servant leadership and job satisfaction, as measured by the OLA. Using the Meyer, Allen, and Smith (1993) commitment scales for organizational commitment, the study found a statistically significant inverse but small relationship between servant leadership and organizational commitment. Statistical data and implications for the findings are included. A nontraditional college was the research site for this quantitative study.

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Four dissertations richard price

four dissertations richard price


four dissertations richard pricefour dissertations richard pricefour dissertations richard pricefour dissertations richard price