Essay writing competition law

'I loved reading this year's winners and runners-up. It filled me with hope, to read them.  The senior winner, Annika Turon-Semmens, already has the refusal to compromise that marks a real writer.  Human Nature is an astute fusion of funny, vivid, apprehending, powerful, sympathetic and visionary. The senior runner-up, Hiya Chowdhury, has pulled off something very difficult indeed, a story that shines with subtlety and rightness, skilful articulacy, with a communal understanding in which contemporaneity and history, both essentially held together, are made visible in the briefest space like a flare in the dark.  The story has a perfected choreography wise beyond its years and its size.  

The GoJIL invites you to actively take part in the illumination of the concept and/or reflect on its implementation on the international level.
The deadline for your submission is 30th November 2016 . The maximal word count is 5000 words (excluding footnotes). The winning submission will be published in one of the upcoming GoJIL issues. If you would like to write an article or should you happen to already be working on the subject, send in your essay!
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Essay writing competition law

essay writing competition law


essay writing competition lawessay writing competition lawessay writing competition lawessay writing competition law