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Trump then goes on to speak about us unifying as one country to help make the lives of these unfortunate people better … and some how, some fucken way Rollins manages a way to shit on that idea.

When President Trump makes mention of strengthening old and new alliances Rollins takes this opportunity to bash on Israel, our only allie in that area. I had no idea Rollins was an anti-semite. But like John Kerry said, “you’re either democrat or a Jew. You can’t be both.” and I have to assume Rollins isn’t a Jew. Jew hater maybe … but not a Jew.

Then President Trump suggests that, “When you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice.” To this Rollings jokes about not wanting to be forced to hug Ted Nugent. God forbid Henry expresses any love for the country that made so much possible for him. I mean he could have done just as well in Moscow, North Korea, maybe even Cuba. Fuck America!!! Fuck Patriotism!!!

And then he just has to go and imply that every Trump voter a bigot. How bold, how thought provoking, deep, and unexpected.

And like the word-smith that he is he continues by calling this, “the worst inauguration speech ever” and he didn’t even start that sentence with the word, “Like.”

Then he has the balls to imply it was Kellyanne Conway is responsible for starting and pushing the “fake news” narrative. Obviously Rollins has missed out on Hillary’s speeches of late. She went from covering her vast ass with the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” to “Fake News.” Fake News, the Lefts newest attempt at silencing those they oppose and Rollins is calling us “Orwellian.”

He concludes by trying to convince us that he’s not butt hurt even though he just spent no less than 500 words sounding like a twinky who just got gorilla fucked by Mr Mark. 

AND TO WRAP SHIT UP!!! He then threatens those on the Right with soon to come attacks from hackers, comedians, and the ever present, non-partisan, army of reporters, headed by non-other than Chuck Todd. … Henry Rollins, punk rock god, … ass clown, is hiding behind Chuck Fucken Todd!!!

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George Soros, from a comfortable distance, gives embattled EU leaders advice on how to handle the refugee crisis. What he suggests is a tall order. In fact he should come to Europe himself and fill their big shoes. To start with he criticises the EU for "the lack of a common asylum policy", saying the "exodus from war-torn Syria should never have become a /political/ crisis", which was "long in the making, easy to foresee", and it could also have been avoided with a "manageable" approach. He also accuses "each member state" of selfishness, ignoring "the interests of others".
As an investor his "comprehensive plan" focuses more on the economic aspect. But how realistic ist it? While he admits that the plan "has to extend beyond the borders of Europe", with a "global response under the authority of the United Nations" to share the burden, he says the EU has "to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future", while setting "global standards for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants." He urges the "private sector – NGOs, church groups, and businesses – to act as sponsors" and to "absorb and integrate more than a million asylum seekers and migrants a year." No doubt this will raise the hackles of nationalists across Europe.
Soros suggests the EU to "provide €15,000 ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years". The funds could be raised by "issuing long-term bonds using its largely untapped AAA borrowing capacity, which will have the added benefit of providing a justified fiscal stimulus to the European economy."
At the same time the EU "must lead the global effort to provide adequate funding to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to support the four million refugees currently living in those /frontline/ countries", which feel the spillover effect of the civil war in Syria. Soros laments that so far, "only a fraction of the funding needed for even basic care has been raised". He estimates "annual costs" to be "€5,000 per refugee, or €20 billion", which is less than what he possesses.
In order to combat poverty in North Africa, which sends tens of thousands young men to Europe as economic migrants, he maintains "the EU also should help create special economic zones with preferred trade status in the region, including in Tunisia and Morocco, to attract investment and generate jobs for both locals and refugees".
Then Soros insists that "safe channels must be established for asylum-seekers, starting with getting them from Greece and Italy to their destination countries". This would certainly eliminate the unnecessary loss of lives. He believes that "if asylum-seekers have a reasonable chance of ultimately reaching Europe, they are far more likely to stay where they are."
No doubt it's important to set up "a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and eventually a single EU Border Guard", as the "current patchwork of 28 separate asylum systems" is "expensive, inefficient, and produces wildly inconsistent results in determining who qualifies for asylum".
Soros underestimates Europe's capacity, when he says: "As the origin of the current crisis is Syria, the fate of the Syrian population has to be the first priority. But other asylum seekers and migrants must not be forgotten." He has failed to realise that many Europeans only want to take on refugees from war-torn countries, saying there is no room for economic migrants, as our budget and resources are overstretched.
Now Soros thinks his plan will most likely trump the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's "six-point plan to address the crisis", which places "the security of borders" ahead of "the human rights of asylum-seekers and migrants", and which "threatens to divide and destroy the EU by renouncing the values on which it was built and violating the laws that are supposed to govern it."

Essay wealthy nation begins healthy people

essay wealthy nation begins healthy people


essay wealthy nation begins healthy peopleessay wealthy nation begins healthy peopleessay wealthy nation begins healthy peopleessay wealthy nation begins healthy people