Essay pregnancy teenage

There has been a very large amount of research on the causes of health inequalities in the world but less evidence on how to reduce, tackle or bring it to a stop. The major aim of tackling health inequalities is to build a more equal distribution of health between the social groups so that every individual gets to benefits. Health inequalities were known in the UK after the Black Report was published. The Black Report showed that there had been an improvement in health across social classes with the help of National Health Scheme (NHS). It is clear that the simplest way to tackle health inequalities is to improve on the social determinants of health in which the World Health Organization (WHO) defined the social determinants of health as 'the condition in which people are born, grow, adapt, work and age including the health system. The figure below shows a summary of these conditions as proposed by Dahlgren and Whitehead (1991).

hello everyone, I am currently doing my bachelors for business administration, 19 years old and work at a full time job, now as I went through all your comments I can’t help to notice the word STUPID TEENAGERS being overly used and miscomprehended, is very disrespectful to call any one stupid there are many other words that can be used to go about teenagers taking the wrong actions and doing things out of the way. in Fact lets not forget that there are still a percentage of teenagers who willingly did not choose to get pregnant, circumstances and lack of sex education can lead towards many things, we all wish to be young as long as we can but unlike others in my case is very different, by the way I don’t have a child but I had to grow up quicker than I expected due to financial issues, family separation etc. I make my own living and pay for my school tuition, I cannot or even have the time to do what teenagers normally do as my schedule is always busy…. I was given all the freedom when I was 17 yrs old, lost my virginity when I was 18 came to realize it was peer pressure but I admit I was way too naïve to see it coming ( I manage to finish high school without being sexually engage). I am currently with a guy who is 25 yrs old and we have been doing really great, age has never been a concern to me I rather be with an older guy, I had to skip few stages in life to be where im at, a younger guy would never meet my standards or interest, their too playful and dependent, I know what it is to go through struggles and I’ve seen 24-28 years old still dependent on their parents even when they already have kids, to me this is highly embarrassing, I think in order to have a child you must be stable at a job, home and partner and quite frank this has nothing to do with age as you can see many young persons had to grow a lot faster so their so much humble. I highly respect all your view points they are correct but in certain cases, remember no one has it the same way, I think we should look at actual circumstances that occurs in the real life that we know to further explain early pregnancy ( 19-21) years old. pregnancy occurring at ages 14-18 is something that we should highly prevent and emphasize as much as we can. if you ask me, I always aimed to have my first child at age 24, I don’t wanna be in my 30’s… however things we plan don’t always come out the way we expect therefor I do my part to prevent pregnancy, abortion is not an option but honestly I don’t see myself being fully ready for a child until I have a child! ( does this makes sense?) is critical thinking, we can always be financially prepared BUT bearing a child as to all the details I don’t think any one is ready until they do have a child than they learn…

Essay pregnancy teenage

essay pregnancy teenage


essay pregnancy teenageessay pregnancy teenageessay pregnancy teenageessay pregnancy teenage