Easy steps to write a good essay

For sure there are cases of true genius, Good Will Hunters who are capable of learning so quickly no matter where they are that they can soak up whatever knowledge is in the air very quickly.  This is the genetic component.  However, knowledge is also built on itself like compound interest.  If you start sooner it seems undeniable that over time the difference between someone who drifted and another who focused would grow.  A person who saves $1000 per year will be much wealthier than the person who saves $1000 or even $1500 but starts 15 years later.  On the other hand, no person saving $1000 or $1500 can match someone like say Paris Hilton, who was simply born into millions.

For example:
(1) Don’t communicate with ALL-UPPER CASE sentences.
(2) When talking about yourself, do not use lower-case ‘i’ but instead use upper-case ‘I’.
(3) When starting a new sentence, start with an upper-case character.
(4) A sentence that consist of several uses of the word ‘and’ could be made easier to read by the appropriate use of the comma or the semicolon. Do you know how to use them? if not you should learn it.
(5) Do not use a full-stop / period ‘.’ unless you are terminating a sentence.
(6) Don’t try to teach people how to write if you cannot write effectively yourself. Teachers have responsibilities to teach good practice and promote high standards.
(7) Don’t include unnecessary words or terminology. If you can describe the point you are trying to make without use of such words, then leave them out.
(8) Don’t ask your friends or family to review your work (unless of course, they are critical in their feedback). I prefer critical, constructive and honest feedback so that I am made aware of my errors and have the opportunity to learn from them.

Just a comment…On a recent visit to Germany last week, we dined at one of the oldest German restaurant in Heidelberg, built in 1706, and which has also been under the same family and most of the same recipes for 170 years. They cook their sauerkraut after they ferment it and it is SO much easier to eat and the taste was amazing. Although you lose probiotic benefits of cooking sauerkraut, the acetic acid and lactic acid which are produced are still retained and the cooking may even break down the kraut even further to allow our bodies to absorb even more nutrients. So, I actually see a benefit to both the cooked kraut and the raw kraut and I believe implementing cooked kraut to dinner meals may have benefits that are different from raw kraut and which raw kraut cannot duplicate. I see benefits to both and I’m beginning to believe that it may be beneficial to incorporate cooked kraut or cooked fermented veggies into weekly meals for different benefits from those obtained from the raw. Again, there may be different benefits from both raw fermented and cooked fermented veggies.

Easy steps to write a good essay

easy steps to write a good essay


easy steps to write a good essayeasy steps to write a good essayeasy steps to write a good essayeasy steps to write a good essay