Ctlls equality and diversity essay

Class Based Course:
Please note: After 3 days in the class, your tutor will set a deadline with you to submit your portfolio. However, if you submit early you will be certified early.
The distance learning course is done at your own pace with a Tutor's Support & Guidance. All necessary materials will be sent to you by Special royal mail delivery once you book the course. We recommend the distance learning course for Individual's with competence or experience. Once you book this course, you will be given up to 12 weeks to complete the assignments. However If you finish earlier, you will be awarded early. (You do not need to wait for up to 12 weeks). Within the 12 weeks, you need to be observed at least 3 times by your mentor and course tutor.

I thoroughly enjoyed my CTLLS course which I completed in January 2013. I had trepidations about taking on the course in addition to my working and family commitments but Linda was a truly inspirational teacher who supported me throughout. She is a very warm and genuine person and made the learning interesting and accessible. I am incredibly proud to have achieved my certificate and found the course fascinating and very relevant – it has really improved my working practice and my confidence. I am really hoping to continue my learning journey with Linda and PTC and take the DTLLS course later this year.

Ctlls equality and diversity essay

ctlls equality and diversity essay


ctlls equality and diversity essayctlls equality and diversity essayctlls equality and diversity essayctlls equality and diversity essay