Conclusion bipolar disorders essay

For Nadine to discuss her health issues w/manager would be inappropriate and disrespectful to herself. She has every right to feel however much anger she feels toward her manager. You told her, “You have to bear in mind…” ; Nadine does not ‘have’ to do anything. If she were able to “bear in mind” then she would not have this illness. None of us choose the feelings that are generated by our brains when prompted by a stimulus. With an illness as serious as bipolar disorder, managing strong emotions is oftentimes physically impossible. Your suggestions may have been well intended but were not accurate for the situation.

I am sad about some of the comments but realise that the term Ignorance doesn't mean that a person is set in their ways, it simply means that they haven't had the education or experience to understand at least and to empathise at most.
The World is moving in the right direction to understand and take away the stigma of those from Bedlam, so let's try to understand and act from this point rather than react instantly with comments that invoke negative emotions - isn't it better to learn something, to be able to have a conversation with others that is enlightened and to look at the amazing ways in which our lives have formed through our lives. Life means nothing at all without compassion ...

Conclusion bipolar disorders essay

conclusion bipolar disorders essay


conclusion bipolar disorders essayconclusion bipolar disorders essayconclusion bipolar disorders essayconclusion bipolar disorders essay