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1 - Inside Bob Dylan's 'Time Out of Mind' Sessions - (Rolling Stone) from Laura Leivick
2 - Bob Dylan's Career-Reviving Classic 'Time Out of Mind' Turns 20 - (Billboard) from Laura Leivick
3 - Lightfoot, Dylan and the wild Rosedale party - (Toronto Star) from Bob Harwood, Laura Leivick
4 - Crash on the Levee (Down in the Flood): unpicking the message in Bob Dylan’s song - (Untold Dylan) from Laura Leivick
5 - Musicians Recall Dylan’s First Big Gig and 25 Years of Music History at Gerde’s Folk City - (Bedford and Bowery) from Laura Leivick
6 - Bob Dylan prints Complimentary framing service with free worldwide shipping in Oct-Nov - (Canvas Gallery) from Chris Mabire

7 - Restoring Those Old Liner Notes in Music’s Digital Era - (NY Times) from Laura Leivick
8 - The Lives and Deaths of ‘The Village Voice’ - (The Nation) from Laura Leivick
9 - John Fogerty Talks About Writing ‘Proud Mary’ - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
10 - John Fogerty to Reissue 'Blue Moon Swamp,' New Album Coming Next Year - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Harold Lepidus
11 - Leonard Cohen and a tale of two Montreal murals - (Globe and Mail) from Bob Harwood
12 - Remembering Leonard Cohen’s Yom Kippur War Tour of Duty - (Tablet) from Bob Harwood
13 - Amanda Shires Compares Mythologies with Leonard Cohen - (Small Figures in a Vast Expanse) by Jay Ess
14 - Marianne Faithfull Interview: As Years Go By - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky

15 - Bob Dylan: 5 Brilliant Live Performances From the Year 2000 - (All Dylan) from Egil Mosbron
16 - Pod Dylan #50 - Time Out Of Mind at 20 - (The Fire and Water Podcast Network) from Robert Kelly, Laura Leivick
17 - The Dylan Hour: Streams live every Sunday, 9 - 10 am Pacific. Today: A 2017 Fall Pledge Drive Sampler - () from Lisa Finnie
18 - Twenty Dylan covers by NJ artists, with some help from Bob Dylan Project web site - (NJ Arts) by Jay Lustig
19 - Radio with Phil Bruno “Animals” - (WBNH) from Phil Bruno
20 - Bob Dylan's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks - (Billboard) from Laura Leivick
21 - The Band - 1971 Academy of Outtakes from 1:43:11 - (YouTube) from Fred Muller
22 - Enjoy St. Francis Month with Streaming Peace Concert - (Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity) from Francis Coffee
23 - “'May I see your references?' Part I" Talkin' Bob Dylan #17 - (Talkin' Dylan with Andy and Renee) from Laura Leivick
24 - Listen: Warren Zevon @ Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA – April 22, 1980 - (Born To Listen) from Egil Mosbron
25 - Spontaneous Connections: New Bowie mixes, plus new and vintage music - (WPKN) from Eric Cocks 0900
26 - BD & The Band - Live 1966 Concert Film - (YouTube) from Fred Muller

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Best andy rooney essays

best andy rooney essays


best andy rooney essaysbest andy rooney essaysbest andy rooney essaysbest andy rooney essays