Arranged marriages essays

Aunt Rebecca was pretty close to our family. She was the only one beside me, whose presence did not hinder mom from being involved in any bully actions towards dad. However, I knew that my aunt did not like that, as she had shown her irritations many times. I even saw here once interfering mom from beating dad. I don’t know what had exactly happened. Aunt Rebecca had visited our house. As usual, I was playing with Kim outside the house. He was running to catch me and I was trying to save myself from being caught. It was when I entered the house and stopped with a surprise to get the scene in my view. Dad was lying on the floor while Aunt Rebecca was pulling mom away from him. However, she was having trouble to control Mom from kicking dad’s back. Mom was wearing high stiletto heel court shoes and there was no doubt that every strike of her shoe was giving a hard blow of pain at dad’s back. I think Aunt Rebecca informed mom about me presence as just after a few seconds mom turned towards me. She saw me and quickly left the place without saying anything.

Rajneesh's ashram in Pune has become the Osho International Meditation Resort , one of India's main tourist attractions. Describing itself as the Esalen of the East, it teaches a variety of spiritual techniques from a broad range of traditions and promotes itself as a spiritual oasis, a "sacred space" for discovering one's self and uniting the desires of body and mind in a beautiful resort environment. According to press reports, it attracts some 200,000 people from all over the world each year; prominent visitors have included politicians, media personalities and the Dalai Lama. Before anyone is allowed to enter the resort, an HIV test is required, and those who are discovered to have the disease are not allowed in. In 2011, a national seminar on Rajneesh's teachings was inaugurated at the Department of Philosophy of the Mankunwarbai College for Women in Jabalpur. Funded by the Bhopal office of the University Grants Commission , the seminar focused on Rajneesh's "Zorba the Buddha" teaching, seeking to reconcile spirituality with the materialist and objective approach." 6

Arranged marriages essays

arranged marriages essays


arranged marriages essaysarranged marriages essaysarranged marriages essaysarranged marriages essays