An example of cause effect essay

Magneto retreated to the Savage Land and genetically altered the natives into the Savage Land Mutates , who worshiped him as The Creator. Here, he took the help of some of these natives to create a device that would permit him to channel energy to him. Investigating the supposed suicide of Sauron , the X-Men again stumbled upon Magneto's plans and, after Magneto revived the life of Angel, they destroyed his machines and citadel, seemingly killing him. [26] Magneto survived due to a strange radiation in the Savage Land, and upon his resurrection, the X-Men battled him again. Magneto destroyed the X-Mansion and defeated the X-Men, but a distress call was sent to the Avengers. After capturing the Avengers also, Magneto controlled both groups to kidnap scientists to create atomic devices that will create for him an army of mutants to command. The heroes were saved after Vision used his powers to take possession of Piper and knocked Magneto unconscious. [27]

Additionally, while a juror may not be dismissed because of his religion, a challenge for cause may be requested if the individual specifically states during voire dire that, because of his or her religious beliefs, he or she could not pass judgment on another person. An individual who strongly believes that a law, which is the subject of the case, is not fair, or that it’s potential punishment is not appropriate, may be dismissed in a challenge for cause. Finally, prospective jurors may also be dismissed if they appear to have prior knowledge about the case, even if they have no direct involvement in the case.

An example of cause effect essay

an example of cause effect essay


an example of cause effect essayan example of cause effect essayan example of cause effect essayan example of cause effect essay