American dream a myth essay

You talk about ignorance but you don’t know what Sharia Law is. If you did, you would see that it in no way interferes with following the laws of the country one lives in. I studied the Koran in university. It says that men and women are different. In Canada, we have Bountiful, where one man is marrying multiple wives, not just two and that is based on a bastardized interpretation of the bible. Those who chose to interpret the Koran in a certain way, just as Joseph Smith interpreted the bible in a certain way, give themselves permission to have multiple wives and become jihadists even when their religion is not at risk. I grew up in the 1970’s. You might have heard of a man named Bobby Sands. He was a famous member of the IRA. He starved himself to death in prison. Belfast Ireland had no-go zones and there were a lot of people killed by terrorists on both sides of that religious war only they were all Christian, Protestant and Catholic. They blew up The Prince Wales god father with a car bomb, Lord Mountbatten. Maybe you don’t remember it but I do. It wasn’t hundreds of years ago, it was mere decades ago. I had compassion for a group of young Irish children that came on a trip to Canada to get a vacation from the carnage. As for women who need their husband’s permission to speak to another man or go out places….do you have any idea of the amount of domestic violence amongst that is target toward white Christian women in the country you live in? It is staggering and an embarrassment. Those shelters we have for women and children who are gotten beaten by their spouses and fathers aren’t there for show. They are a necessity. So please don’t act like we are so much better, we aren’t. Women are also being murdered by their significant others in this country and convictions for rape are at about 5 in 1000 charged. Get your head out of the sand. No one EVER EVER said things were great for women in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or any other Middle Eastern country but somehow you believe that deny them rescue in Canada when they escape tyranny in those countries is a good idea. Somehow, leaving them over there is a good idea. Somehow, you are going to get them to take off the hijab if they are left in a country where the Taliban stones them in the streets if they happen to have the misfortune to get raped. Of course we care about anybody who is getting killed by ISIS. The truth is the recruits are coming from our countries and many were raised Christian. They have almost no knowledge of Islam. The truth is ISIS rose out of the Iraq war. It is a group of psychopaths and they are killing other Muslims daily and weekly as well as Christians.

In terms of what the novel says about American identity, there are a few threads you could pick up – one is Nick’s comment in Chapter 9 about the novel really being a story about (mid)westerners trying (and failing) to go East : “I see now that this has been a story of the West, after all--Tom and Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan and I, were all Westerners, and perhaps we possessed some deficiency in common which made us subtly unadaptable to Eastern life” (). This observation suggests an American identity that is determined by birthplace, and that within the American identity there are smaller, inescapable points of identification.  

American dream a myth essay

american dream a myth essay


american dream a myth essayamerican dream a myth essayamerican dream a myth essayamerican dream a myth essay